Woman ‘held captive by ex’ rescued after she leaves SOS note in public toilet

Woman ‘held captive by ex’ rescued after she leaves SOS note in public toilet

A desperate woman, who was allegedly being held captive by her ex-boyfriend for months, has been rescued after leaving SOS notes in two public toilets.

The woman claims the man had threatened to kill her and her children if she had tried to leave, but managed to leave the notes when they went out together in public.

Her first letter crying for help was found stuck to a mirror in a Walmart supermarket in the women’s toilet in Carnegie, Pennsylvania, WPXI reported.

Staff handed the note to police who then turned up at the home of 38-year-old Corey Brewer.

No one answered the door but officers heard furniture being moved in front of the door.

When police called Brewer, he allegedly refused to let the woman talk to them without him listening in on speaker phone, ABC News reports.

Two days later, a second note from the woman pleading for help was found at a bathroom in Fallingwater Museum.

CCTV showed the woman and Brewer at the museum around the same time, police said.

The woman claimed in the note that she had been held hostage since May 1 and that “she heard the police knocking at the residence, that the abuse hasn’t stopped, and please don’t give up,” she wrote.

Officers returned to Brewer’s home with a SWAT team and arrested him.

Police said Brewer and the woman had dated previously and she had taken out a protection order against him in August 2020.

Brewer has been charged with sexual assault, strangulation and unlawful restraint.