Dad, 45, died of heart attack after ‘being told he had nothing to worry about’ in A&E

Dad, 45, died of heart attack after ‘being told he had nothing to worry about’ in A&E

A beloved dad who was rushed to A&E with chest pains just one month before dying of a heart attack had been told he had “nothing to worry about”.

According to Sharon Kirby, her husband Roger, 45, was discharged on February 25, 2020 after going to A&E with chest pains.

She claims the dad-of-five was told he was likely experiencing a muscular chest pain and a floppy valve that was “nothing to worry about”.

But Roger, who was described “the life and soul of the house”, tragically died “right in front” of his wife on March 22 after suffering a heart attack in their living room.

Sharon, from Doncaster, claimed the hospital had said they would conduct some more tests after her husband turned up with chest pains but they were never completed, YorkshireLive reports.

Roger was a “big southern softie” who loved rock music, gaming and playing on his guitar.

He had moved from Hampshire to Doncaster when he met his wife Sharon in 1999.

“He was 6ft 2 with a multi-coloured beard and a bald head,” Sharon said.

“I met him online in a chat room in 1999. We had been together for 20 years and married for 18.

“He was the life and soul of the house and was always the joker.

“He was great and he loved to play his guitar and supported Doncaster Rovers. When he moved here from Hampshire he said that this felt more like home to him.

“He loved rock music, guitar and gaming, I couldn’t have wished for a better husband.

“I just wish the hospital could have done something more, they could have run more tests sooner so we could have found out what the issue was.”

Roger was discharged from Doncaster Royal Infirmary on February 25 with non cardiac chest pain.

Sharon said that he went back the next day and he was told that there would be further tests completed, however, those never happened.

He died less than a month later on March 22.

Sharon said: “It was Mother’s Day. He came down from the shower at around 8pm. He suddenly slumped forward and I thought that he was having a seizure. His eyes had rolled back in his head and his tongue was out.

“I rang 999 and was doing CPR on him for 30 minutes before the ambulance arrived. They took a bit longer to get in the house as they had to put all of the protective gear on due to Covid.

“They rushed him to hospital but he was pronounced dead at 11.50pm.

“It’s horrible, I re-live it every day, because he practically died in our living room right in front of me.”

Dr Tim Noble, Executive Medical Director at Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals, said: “On behalf of the Trust, I would like to share my condolences with Mr Kirby’s friends, family and loved ones during this sad time.

“When individuals come to hospital, we perform appropriate and necessary tests, only discharging once we are satisfied that it is safe to do so.

“Patients are then placed on an appropriate pathway for any follow-up investigations, treatments and appointments in the coming days, weeks or months, as necessary.

“We encourage Mr Kirby’s family to get in touch with our Patient Advice and Liaison team (PALS) so this matter can be explored further.”